The End

Sometimes the best beginnings come at the heels of closings. Recently, I wrote “The End,” finishing off my latest YA romance novel. I’ve written those two infamous words many times, but this moment is different.

Before, I had this silly notion that if I worked harder, if I just pushed past my limits, I would get the agent and the publishing contract. But there’s something to be said for working smarter.

With this novel, I didn’t write until I understood the pain that would afflict my characters the most. And I didn’t dare torture them until I was willing to be vulnerable and take all the heartaches I’ve felt and smear my pages with them.

With my current novel, I started writing when I could connect every single dot. Every detail has a purpose. Every description has double meanings. Every action is formulated to help the character achieve what they want, but first, they each have to fail.

Like my characters, I have struggled. Again and again, I’ve poured heart and energy into my books without the results I wanted. But now is the end of an era of failings. I’m ready to succeed. I’m ready to begin something new.

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