Release Date announced for New Book

Bake Wars, a romantic suspense by D.M. Tregaskis is coming on September 9th, 2024. (Pre-orders for the ebook are available here.) If you’re one to read the back of the book cover, (I’m not because I prefer to be surprised!) read on!

Frisking is an interesting way to start a relationship. So is bonding over grief. Mix in an Italian mob, a hijacked ransom note, and two competing bakeries and you’ve got a war, a Bake War.

Former thief Bridge O’Niall needs to wipe her ledger clean. A new identity plus a fresh start are the perfect ingredients to create a guilt-free do-over.

FBI Agent Cowen Amaratti needs a change of profession, one where he doesn’t have to shoot anyone ever again. When the two meet, their lives are too incompatible, oil and water. But everything changes when they both move to the same tiny town to live their dreams as bakers.

Pilpil Bay, Oregon is hardly big enough to support one bakery, let alone two, so Bridge and Cowen duel in a bake-off. But competition isn’t healthy for a budding relationship, neither are ghosts from their past that endanger everyone. The only way to keep their friends and families safe is to do the things they’d vowed never to do again—steal and kill.

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